Tips for Spacing Your Pantry Shelves

When you take a look in your pantry, do you notice that the things on the top shelf are basically inaccessible, while the middle shelves feature varying amount of huge gaps between them or are full of stacked items that touch the shelf above? Today, our team will share some space-oriented pantry shelving ideas.

Space-Saving Shelf Spacing

Would you be surprised if we were to tell you that you can save space by optimizing the spacing between your shelves? This may seem like a bizarre concept, but there is truth to it! When you can access all of your shelves and easily access the things on them, you’ll feel like your pantry is somehow larger. Today, we’ll cover some pantry shelving ideas that can maximize your pantry space!

Re-Think the Obvious

The biggest mistake people make when they set up their pantry shelves is to assume that equally spacing them from top to bottom is the most efficient way to set them up; this couldn’t be further from the truth! In reality, you will almost always want your bottom shelf to start higher than the very bottom rung, effectively allowing for floor storage, and then want your second-to-lowest shelf to sit higher above the bottom shelf than any other gap between your shelves.

Our Ideal Setup

In fact, by allowing for more space between bottom shelves, less space between the top shelves, and a medium amount of space between the middle shelves, you can easily store and access items on the lowest shelves and the floor, keep more of your most commonly used items conveniently accessible in the middle section (chest- to eye-level shelves), and you’re smallest, lightest, and least commonly used items on the uppermost shelves. By planning the spacing to maximize your convenience, you’ll find that your shelves are easier to use, more intuitive with where to store your things, and generally feel like they offer you more storage space.

Use Items to Help Space

If you know that your chin-height pantry shelf needs to be able to hold double-stacked canned goods, then feel free to use them to help space your shelves; install the shelf, then stack up your cans (or another taller storage item you happen to know of), then figure place your next shelf with enough space to easily see and access the cans below, while taking care to not over-space it, and you’re ready to go! You can apply this technique to all of your shelves, provided that you have a good idea as to what needs to go onto the shelf itself. If you followed our above advice, you may end up gaining a few middle and upper shelves by providing more space between lower shelves, meaning that your double-stacked cans could become a single stack, with another on the shelf above. As you’re structuring your shelves, try to predict the sizing you need between shelves, then use that information to give you a general idea on pantry shelf spacing.

Upgrade With Wire Shelf Covers

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