Keep Home Storage Off Floor

Keep You Home Storage Off The Floor!

No matter where it is in your home, you have to be very careful about what you store on the floor. Ideally, nothing should rest directly on the floor itself, but certain things in specific places are worse than others – find out more below!

Floors Make Poor Shelves

If you go into any well-run restaurant’s storage room, you’ll find nothing on the floor. Simply put, the risks associated with keeping things on the floor is just too high, not to mention against all health codes for food safe storage; you should take this as a clear indication that your home should follow suit.


The first reason that you shouldn’t keep anything that could possibly interact with food on the floor is simple: Floors are gross. Even if your floors are regularly cleaned, they are the prime place that the dust and debris floating unseen through the air will choose to settle. Additionally, sticking things on the floor creates an obstacle that decreases the ease of cleaning that portion of floor, which also reduces the chances that this portion will be cleaned at all.


Even bigger than the obvious grossness that is associated with keeping food on the floor (with or without the 5-second rule), is the incredibly heightened risk of pest infestations. In this case, foodstuffs, boxes, and many other items share the common risks of providing a food supply and housing to mice, roaches, rats, ants, and other unwanted pests. Even if the things kept on your floor aren’t innately dangerous for creating or harboring a pest problem, they can act as a bridge to things stored on shelves above that can provide pest food or housing. Areas of concern aren’t just limited to your kitchen and pantry, as you may believe, but include your garage, attic, storage sheds, hallway closets, and more. If not else, ensure that food and paper products (including cardboard boxes) are never stored long-term on the floor anywhere in or near your home.


If the first two aren’t motivating enough, things on the floor are simply more likely to encounter damaging conditions. By simply keeping things 4 or more inches off of the floor, you remove much of the risk that your possessions will encounter any water that may be present on (or in) the floor. Even in a seemingly dry garage, for instance, your concrete floor can slowly rot, rust, and otherwise damage possessions left on the floor through the latent water that is absorbed, contained, and, ultimately, displaced through the concrete itself. Even inside your home, you’ll notice that things left on the floor are more likely to be kicked, rammed with a vacuum or mop, stepped on, dropped upon, or otherwise tampered with.


The ultimate solution is simple: Keep things off of the floor, even slightly. Beyond that, you can use plastic containers to mostly protect the things within from most damaging elements. The best decision you can opt for is to install a shelf as low as possible underneath your current shelves to serve as floor storage. From there, you can cover all of your home’s wire shelves with our Help My Shelf Kits to dramatically improve their look and functionality.

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