Improving Garage Wire Racks & Storage

If, like many homeowners, you rely on wire racks in your garage, then you’ve no doubt tried to improve these often difficult storage options. Today, Help MyShelf will provide you with a few great tips for your garage wire racks and storage.

Garage Storage That Works

The options for garage storage aren’t limited to throwing your things into the seldom-used space haphazardly; rather, you can find some truly great solutions to spruce up your garage’s appearance and simultaneously improve its functionality.

Recycled Cabinets

If you ever plan to do a kitchen renovation that involves new cabinets, then consider using your old cabinets in the garage! If you take care when removing your cabinets by unscrewing them from the countertop and wall – as opposed to using the fun, yet destructive, sledgehammer method – then you will be able to salvage many of your cabinets for garage storage. Best of all, your counters will already be sized appropriately for the space, making it an even better benefit! Just be sure to measure your garage and vehicles to see what kind of space you have for cabinets before proceeding.

Keep Off the Floor

Nothing should be stored on your garage’s floor that wasn’t made for it. While the snowblower may have nowhere else to go, your bikes could easily be hung from hooks; likewise, no garden tools, chemicals, or storage tubs should ever be left on the floor. Not only can things on your garage floor pose a trip, choking, or consumption hazard for your family, but garage floors also damage items left on them through the moisture and elements. To make matters worse, rodents and pests can use storage left on the floor as a base of operations to siege your home, which is not what you want. Whether you use wire racks or hooks for wall storage, keep everything you possibly can off of the floor of your garage.

Floating is Better

When you’re looking at garage storage solutions, it is almost always better to go with a floating option. Things like mounted wire shelves or hooks to hold your tools and toys are far better than racks that rely on groundspace for a place to go. Not only does floor storage limit your options by taking away space for things that are too large to go on shelves or hooks, but you have almost no customization or room to move around, even if you want to. By going with a floating solution, it is easy to make your garage’s floor clear, which could be be beneficial in the event of a flood, spill, or even garage sale. Likewise, moving a floating shelf or hook up, down, or anywhere is a simple task.

Use Tubs When Possible

For things that you aren’t going to need to sort through regularly, such as holiday decorations, nothing is better than a tub. These awesome solutions keep your things dry, protected from pests, and grouped together for immediate use when needed. Of course, tubs aren’t perfect for everything; if you need to dig through them regularly to find things that probably should just be out on the shelf itself, then you have a problem. Be sure to place your tubs in the tough to reach areas, leaving the eye- and chest-level shelves free for things you need to be accessible regularly.

Don’t Settle for Wire Racks

Most garage storage shelves are the standard white wire racks that are commonly found in most American homes; these racks offer homeowners a sturdy surface that can hold a surprising amount of weight at a low cost, other benefits include easy replacement, installation, and cleaning. The downside, of course, is that wire racks are largely empty space, using thin, but sturdy, metal “wires” to support things left on the shelf. What is created by a wire shelf alone is an unstable surface that can be tough to use. Now, however, Help MyShelf has created an innovative, easy-to-use wire rack cover for nearly all aluminum shelves in the country. These awesome wire rack covers will leave you with a smooth, flat surface for your garage shelves in a matter of minutes.

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